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Tadoba Camp report. 26 -30 January , 2018

Clicked by Thiruvengadam E.

Tadoba had been a wonderful camp for all of us. The deciduous forest of Tadoba has sheltered many plants and animal species. We got to see a good number of mammals and birds during our safaris. 

Clicked by Kirti V

We are glad to share the list of fauna we saw during this camp:


  1. Jungle owlet
    Clicked by Kirti V

  2. White throated kingfisher
  3. Bar headed geese
  4. Black drongo
  5. White rumped swallow
  6. Black headed ibis
  7. Open billed stork
  8. Glossy ibis
  9. Spotted dove
  10. Tricolour Munia
  11. Indian Roller
  12. Red wattled lapwing
  13. Black shouldered kite
  14. Crested serpant eagle
  15. Ruphous treepie
    Clicked by Rupali G.
  16. Peacock
  17. Red spur fowl
  18. Plum headed parakeet
  19. Common pochard
  20. Lesser Adjudent stork
  21. Shikra
  22. Ashy Prinia
  23. Pipit
  24. Common stonechat
  25. Pied stonechat
    Clicked by Kirti V

  26. Green bee eater
  27. Grey heron
  28. Purple heron
  29. Brown headed fish eagle
  30. Common Kestrel
  31. Little greb
  32. Indian peafowl
  33. Grey jungle fowl
  34. Bay back shrike
  35. Jungle babblar
  36. Red vented bulbul
  37. Red whiskered bulbul
  38. Common sandpiper
  39. Golden backed Woodpecker
  40. Tickel’s blue Flycatcher
    Clicked by Rupali G.
  41. Darter
  42. Indian cormorant
  43. Black Ibis
  44. Greater coucal
  45. Red avadavat
  46. Indian silverbill
  47. Pied kingfisher
  48. Eurasian thick knee
  49. Pond heron
  50. Yellow footed Green pigeon
  51. Golden fronted leafbird
  52. White wagtail
  53. Pied Myna
  54. Oriental Magpie robin
  55. Indian robin
  56. Northern pintail
  57. Racket tail drongo
  58. Clicked by Kirti V

  59. White eyed buzzard
Clicked by Rupali G.
Clicked by Kirti V

Clicked by Kirti V

Clicked by Thiruvengadam E.

  1. Wild boar
  2. Spotted deer
  3. Indian gaur
  4. Hanuman langur
  5. Royal bengal tiger
  6. Sambar
  7. Jungle cat
  8. Sloth bear
  9. Clicked by Thiruvengadam E.
  10. Indian grey mongoose 

Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Kirti V

Clicked by Rupali G.

Visit to Anandvan -
Clicked by Thiruvengadam E.

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Khijediya and Narara camp report

Narara marine National Park and Khijediya Bird Sanctuary are two unique protected areas of Gujarat. We saw lot interesting marine animals and good number of Fresh as well as salt/brackish water birds. The list of sightings is given below.

Clicked by Mr. Thiruvengadam E

Khijediya -
Western reef egret and black headed ibis clicked by Dr. Shreya B

Oriental white eye
White throated Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Isabellinne shrike
Crested lark
Ashy crowned sparrow lark
Rosy starlings
Twany Pipits
Marsh Harrier
Clicked by Mr. Thiruvengadam E
Oriental honey bazzard
Crested hawk
Lesser Flamingo
Night heron
Pond heron
Grey heron
Purple heron
Red wattled lapwing
Great Crested grebe
Little grebe
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Green bee-eater
Laughing dove
Dessert Wheatear
Clicked by Rupali G.
Purple sunbird
Blue throat
White browed Wagtail
Western reef egret
Common pochard
Northern Pintail
Indian Spotbill duck
Northern shoveller
Great white pelican
Black drongo
Ashy drongo
River tern
Clicked by Rupali G.
Grey Frankolin
Black headed ibis
Glossy ibis
Black naped ibis
White cheecked bulbul
Common coot
Greylag geese
Black winged stilt
Comb duck
Black headed gull
Caspian tern
Clicked by Rupali G.
Little tern
Jungle Babbler
Brahminy duck
Eurasian Collared dove
House sparrow
Bar tailed godwit
Common crane
Black necked stork
Painted stork
Clicked by Rupali G.
Bronze winged jacana
Little egret
Median Egret
Ashy Prinia
Indian Silver bill
Common Moorhen
Purple Moorhen
White-browed Wagtail
Lesser whistling teals
Clicked by Rupali G.
Ringed plover
Wire-tailed swallow

Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Rupali G.

Wild boar

Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Rupali G.

Narara sightings:
clicked by Dr. Shreya B
Brittle star
Sea cucumber
Sea Slug
Angle fish
Coral fish
Puffer fish
Brittle star clicked by Dr. Shreya B
Neptune crab
Wolf crab
Reef crab
Spider crab
Box crab
Sea anemone
Brain coral 

Sea anemone clicked by Dr. Shreya B
Angle fish clicked by Dr. Shreya B

Clicked by Mr. Thiruvengadam E
Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Rupali G.
Clicked by Rupali G.

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clicked by Dr. Shreya B
Honey bees clicked by Dr. Shreya B

Clicked by Rupali G.
Clicked by Rupali G.

Clicked by Rupali G.
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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Chhattisgarh Photo Report

Chhattisgarh has a lot to offer for all nature & heritage lovers. We visited bastar, kangerghati National park, Sitanadi and Udanti Wildlife Sanctuaries, Barnawapara Tiger reserve. Historical places like Barsur and Sirpur.

Some of the biodiversity Sightings during this camp include
Social spider
Giant wood spider
Signature spider
Funnel spider
Indian roller
Eurasian Openbill
Painted staork
Night jar
Orange Minivet
Crested serpent eagle
White-eyed buzzard
Jungle owlet
Large green barbet
Black hooded Oriole
Indian flying fox
Giant Squirrel
Wild dog
Rhesus macaques

Barnawapara sightings include
Indian peafowl
Black winged kite
Golden back woodpecker
White bellied drongo
Green bee eater
White throated Kingfisher
Black ibis
Glossy ibis
Indian Cormorant
Pond heron
Cattle egret
White browed fantail
Oriented Magpie robin
Indian robin
Rose-ringed parakeet
Common Myna
Black drongo
Spotted deer
Hanuman langur
Rhesus macaques

Chitrkote Waterfall clicked by Gauri G
Tirathgarh clicked by Rupali G
Kutumsar caves Stalactite formation clicked by Gauri G

Column formation clicked by Gauri G

Interesting Shivling clicked by Gauri G
Laxman temple clicked by Gauri G 

Interesting carved pillar Clicked by Thiruvengam E

Ganeshas Clicked by Rupali G

clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Clicked by Rupali G

interesting carving of snake entering in a hole from one side of the pillar and coming out from other side. Clicked by Rupali G
Bazaar remnants of 6th century Clicked by Rupali G
Barnawapara Clicked by Rupali

Anthill Clicked by Rupali G
Crocodile clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Jungle Owlet Clicked by Rupali G
Greater coucal clicked by Thiruvengadam E

White-eyed buzzard Clicked by Rupali G
Black-winged kite Clicked by Rupali G
Crested Serpent eagle clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Giant Squirrel clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Hanuman Langur Clicked by Rupali G

Gaur Family Clicked by Rupali G
Clicked by Gauri G
OikoEssence Explorers clicked by Gauri G
Explorers Clicked by Rupali G
Group at Sirpur

A stroll in a local tribal market
Local tribal market Clicked by Rupali G